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Last Weekend, our family made the trip across the county to visit my brother and his Bride for their beautiful Wedding in Tennessee. We have been planning this trip for months, and it crept up all of a sudden and we were thrust into Airline Travel with two 17 month olds. (Fun!)
Here are some tips from my experience:

1) Make sure your portable DVD player is charged. (Your kids don’t like it much when 10 minutes into  Bear in the Big Blue House, it shuts off and cannot be charged until you make it to your layover.)

2) Pack snack foods for the adults, not just the children. (We had plently of kid foods, but we didn’t realize until 4 hours into our trip that we were STARVING, and there was no “real” food to be had!)

3) The day after you get back home is FAR worse than any part of the trip combined. (I am currently listening to both my children scream, without any clue how to “fix” whatever their issue is..)

4) Fly with a second (or in our case, third) set of hands. (My mom made the trip down and back with us, and I cant imagine how it would have been to try and pee, much less sit down, leaving Joel in an airport with two running toddlers..)

Overall our trip went very well, and the kids did much better than expected. We had fun, and it was great to see my brother and his wife Sara, as well and much of my family from Spokane:

I can  take credit for NONE of these pictures, I was attending to my duties as Bridemaid. (Thanks to my husband and younger brothers and sisters!)