New Year’s Resolutions

You know when you have a New Year’s Resolution like working out every day, or paying off your credit card debit, or eating healthier (or blogging every week?) in January and you are really excited about it, then you look down at your calendar and your ‘To-Do’ list and you realize its JUNE and you haven’t done any of it? Yeah.. sorry, guys. Well, the good news is I am back, and hopefully (!) can get back into the swing of regular posts.

So, what have you been up to since we talked last? Lots of great things have been happening here, and some hard things, too.  First off, the Twins are getting BIG! We celebrated their first birthday in May, and boy, are they are toddlers now! Everyday they surprise me by doing something fun and new, and my Joel is constantly getting interrupted at work by me, “Guess what you daughter did today?!” We are getting closer to adoption too, so hopefully they will be the Roppo Toddlers by Christmas!

We also experienced the loss of our third pregnancy this Spring, which was hard, but I am always so grateful at what a wonderful God we have. We arrived home from the Doctor with this news, and my sweet babies were there to cuddle me and give me kisses and remind me that He definitely has a plan for our family.

We did add some more poultry to the Roppo Farm this Spring, after the Great Chicken Massacre of 2012 (I will spare you the details, but this involved several of our birds being eaten by two very large dogs, IN OUR OWN YARD.)  Three baby Welsummers joined us in April, and are now outside in the coop beginning to intermingle with the big birds. And, yes, that brings our chicken count to 12 (which in case you aren’t chicken-savvy, that brings our daily egg count to between 10-12 eggs.) We are giving a lot of eggs away, because there is no way we can eat that many (with Joel being the only true egg-eater in our house) and we are going to begin selling them locally. So, if you need eggs, please let me know, and I would be happy to distribute!

Our summer garden is up and running, too, and I am excited about a few changes we have made, but I will save that for my next update, so be sure to check back in for Adventures in Potato Farming! 

(Pictured: E and M “helping” with the farming!)




3 responses to this post.

  1. YAY! So glad you’re back! I look forward to reading many more posts!


  2. Oh Abbie, your positive outlook is a constant source of amazement to me! Much, much love!


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