“Resting” time

Gosh, you would think we fell off the earth here at the Roppo Farm. Not the case, just fell into the change of life called parenting! M and E are 6 months old now (where did the time go!?) and fun as can be. They are getting big: E weighing in at 18lbs 8oz, and little M at 13lbs 3oz. We are having lots of fun, but our lives have definitely changed. Going out to eat, or going to have a beer with friends is now a thing of the past, as we are elbow deep in vomit, diaper changes and rice cereal. I have had a few people ask if we miss the “old life” and I do sometimes, but I wouldn’t change the immense blessings we have now for anything. I am now staying home full-time being a mommy and managing our house, and let me tell you what: this job is harder that any job I have ever had outside my house. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who pulls more than his fair share, has infinite patience, and gives me a “time out” when I need it. I couldn’t do this without you, Joel.

Things on the farm have slowed way down. Managing two babies, plus the house and all the animals has been a huge learning experience. This season the garden has really taken a back seat to everything else, and I planted NO fall/winter veggies (the other day I realized it is definitely the middle of November already, and I have done nothing with my garden.. oops.) So, we will call it a “resting” time for the garden and I can start planning way in advance for my spring/summer garden. After our experiences last year with what grew well, didn’t, and what gave us lots of return we have decided to omit these from our next try: corn, peppers, green beans lemon cucumbers, and blueberries. All of these either didn’t produce well, took up too much space for the return or we didn’t really eat enough. We will definitely try again, though: snap peas, pickling cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, radishes, onions, ONE tomato plant (three was WAY to many last year), raspberries and apples. And, hopefully this spring I will have more time/desire to play in my garden. (Maybe the Twins will want to help my dig holes to plant..)

Many of you have asked since my post about our chicken wars, what happened?! Shortly thereafter, our Bossy Girl chicken plucked the remaining tailfeathers from our Rooster (therefore completely emasculating him) and showed herself to be the Queen of the Farm. After all that the Rooster started to be rather aggressive towards some of our baby chickens, and doing is “rooster dance” which I interpreted to be a “I am trying to make babies with you” dance. And since we have plenty of babies here on the farm, we promptly put up an ad on Craigslist offering a Welsummer Rooster Free to Good Home (or someone who was going to pretend it was a good home, and then eat him.) Later that weekend and nice girl came and picked him up to take off to her Farm. Have fun, Mr. Rooster, I hope you didn’t get eaten! So, now we are down to only 9 nice (ish) girl chickens, and more eggs than we could ever use on our own.

And lastly this morning (as I hear my little friends chatting away in their rooms, eager to wake up for breakfast) welcome the newest addition to the Roppo Farm: Lucy!  Lucy is coming to live with us all the way from North Dakota where she was rescued by my brother and his sweetie, Sara. We are happy to have her here (although, Colby is still a bit nervous) and I think she will make a sweet addition to the Farm!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Charese on November 14, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Lucy is a cutie! Thanks for the update. We sure miss the Roppos around here. Eli’s often asking about the twins. Love to all!


  2. Posted by maggie horton on November 15, 2011 at 2:34 am

    9 tomato plants were just about right for Aunt Maggie!


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