Jealously is a Green-Eyed Monster!

I like to drive down 78th Street in Vancouver. Not because it is a particularly pretty street, and not because that part of town is particularly nice. But because on 78th Street is a house with the most amazing, majestic garden I have ever seen!  There are 8-10 rectangles probably 20 feet wide by 100 feet long of green, luscious, healthy, beautiful garden! Aaahhhh.  I almost want to stop and introduce myself and tell them how amazing their garden is, but instead I just lust from the street and dream of a day when I can dedicate my whole yard to a giant garden.  Don’t get me wrong, I have thought about turning my entire fenced yard into a vegetable-growing wonderland, but then the tiny logical voice in the back of my head says, “What about reselling the house in 5 years? Or where will the children play and the dog run and the chickens scratch?” Stupid logic, always getting in the way of my dreams.

A month or so ago we had our sweet, wonderful, little chicken friends decide that they thought our garden was a great place to snack, eating several of our huge potato plants. Luckily with a little watering, some sunshine (and a large fence to keep the chickens out ) we have revived the potatoes and they are doing as well as ever. While the chickens did manage to keep the nasty bugs out, I think we risked too much allowing them free reign. Besides, we now have a resident Garden-Frog named Walter who resides in whatever leafy greens he fancys that particular day, and who knows what those chickens might do to him!

Speaking of our lovely chickens, we now have a full on turf war on our hands. In this corner: our “big Bertha,” mean, cranky, lady- hen, who thinks she is the boss of everyone (including Colby.) See how puffed up and anrgy she looks?  That is pretty much how she looks all the time.

And, in that corner:  Our “newbie”, loudest, and only man-chicken on the farm, Rooster.  He walks around this place thinking he is the big cheese, (definitely strutting for the ladies), and apparently doesn’t like it when they talk back.

The Hen has been the boss since essentially Day 1 of living here at the Roppo Farm.  Well, it wasn’t until (oops!) we ended up with a Rooster in our second batch of chicks that her reign had ever been challenged.  And now it is war here on the Farm.  When Rooster isn’t looking, Hen will sneak up behind him and pull out his pretty, long tail feathers..  notice in the picture how he only has 2 left?  Yeah, that isn’t normal. He used to have a huge, beautiful, bushy tail and now.. poor, sad Rooster. And in payback? He sneaks up behind her and knocks her down, and then pecks the top of her head!  What a sight it is!  Who will win this epic battle on the Roppo Farm?  Only time will tell!


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  1. From what I’ve seen of chicken turf wars, there are no winners, only two battered looking chickens fighting forever.


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