Spring Brings New Growth

I know that many of you are still shoveling snow, but here on the west side of Washington we are getting warm (ish) temperatures that are making me itchy to get my garden growing! The last few week have been 50-55 degrees and mostly dry.  I have been able to spend time working out there without getting soaked, and I finally feel like I am starting to make some headway. As most of you know, when we bought this house we knew we had a lot of work to do. We accomplished most of the big indoor tasks before we moved in and are now still trying to get the little things finished (like baseboards, and outlets replaced, etc.)  We were able to pretty much put the yard out of our minds because,  “it can wait until next spring.” And, now here we are.. shoot, Spring, you came awfully fast.

The previous tenants did little to take care of the yard besides planting random ugly bushes and plants throughout the yard and occasionally mowing, as a result we have a crazy unkempt jungle, inhabited with out-of-control foliage and the ugliest plants you have ever seen, and in between mostly moss and mud. Excellent.  During Poopfest 2011, also known as my thorough cleaning out of the chicken coop from its winter festivities, I extracted a mound of manure/straw that Joel and I (actually, just Joel) rototilled into the giant bare spots (and the area where we’ll plant corn.) We threw down some grass seed on the top, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) we’ll grow some grass in the naked spots.  We still have a lot of work to do, but it feels good to get started. Maybe the project won’t be as overwhelming as we thought. Up next weekend?  With the help of some of the youth group kids who are earning money for a trip, we are going to rip out the nasty bushes and plants and clean up the garbage left behind and hopefully get some more grass seed down.

Things at the Roppo Farm are going full speed ahead, never without a project or event.  Joel is studying for this Professional Engineering Exam, which he’ll take in California in April. The studying is going well, but it seems like it always takes a backseat to all the other projects, so please be praying that we’ll be able to help him prioritize his test, and that he will feel confident and do well.

We would also love prayer in our new adventures in Foster Care. We are knee deep in the licensing classes for Washington State and it is all a little overwhelming; lots of things to buy and get ready for and finished before we can have our Home Inspection and Interviews.  We obviously have no children of our own, so in terms of baby things we are starting from scratch.  We have wonderful family and friends, many of whom who have already given us things to get started (like a crib, rocking chair, car seat and some various clothing items! Thanks, guys!)  We definitely still need supplies, and if you would like to help, or know someone that would we would greatly appreciate it. These are the things we are still in need of (new, or gently used:)

  • Preemie- 18 months Boy and Girl Clothes, Socks, PJs
  • Diapers (all sizes to 12ish months)
  • Formula
  • Rice cereal/Oatmeal
  • 1st and 2nds Jar Baby Food
  • Blankets, Burp rags, etc..

We are so excited about the journey we are about to go on, but still a little nervous. (Prayer is greatly appreciated!) We know that there will be hard things about having these children in our home, but we both firmly believe that the blessings outweigh the risks.


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  1. Posted by Meg on February 9, 2011 at 5:29 am

    I’m so excited for you guys and will be praying!! Will be praying for the engineering exam, too!


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